X3 12 Week Program

We'll show you in detail how to use your X3 to get in the best shape of your life!  Our program only takes about 10 minutes a day, and we have a video to guide you through each and every workout.  We cover every exercise, form, technique, and nutrition tip you'll ever need to get the body you want sooner than you thought possible.

Watch now:

Week 1: This is your introduction to X3.  Two workouts, each to be done twice.  Three Rest Days.  No nutrition suggestions yet.  


Week 2: Two slightly more aggressive workouts than in Week 1.  Three Rest Days.  The first X3 nutrition advice, wherein we discuss the problems with sugar.


Week 3: The focus for week 3 is constant tension, one of the techniques that makes these workouts so concise and effective.  Three rest days.  The nutrition video builds on last week's and reveals a few unexpected places sugar tends to hide.


Week 4: In this week the workout intensity increases again, but you still get three rest days.  The nutrition video discusses a great alternative to eating sweets.


Week 5: Now you're going to be working out 6 days a week.  You'll also have the opportunity to learn about gluten, and a rarely discussed reason that it may be something worth avoiding.


Week 6: In week 6 you'll learn a technique (partial valsalva) for pushing your workout (and your gains) even farther than before.  This is a trick you can use for regular weightlifting (and other exercise) too.  The nutrition video talks about the glycemic index, why simple carbohydrates are like sugar, and more.


Week 7: We demo a new exercise (split-squat) so you get the most out of leg day, and exercises get more intense.  Nutrition discussion includes a very unusual spin on the concept of "eating local".


Week 8: A great week.  It emphasizes diminishing range of motion, one of the most powerful muscle-building tools that X3 makes available to you.  And for nutrition advice, we showcase several healthy eating choices that require ZERO prep.


Week 9: Start with a new reflexive warmup for maximum growth hormone increase.  Learn about ketogenic diets in the nutrition section.


Week 10: When do you actually build muscle? During recovery, and especially sleep. Watch this video and see how to optimize that.  Week 10 Nutrition involves a discussion of intermittent fasting and the alleged "anabolic window". 


Week 11: Learn about some more advanced techniques, like forced reps.  We also talk about supplements.


Week 12 (coming soon)



In addition, we have 2 quick workout videos, if you want some guidance on the use of your X3, but don't want all the information available in the 12 week program (we recommend you watch the program videos):