X3 Endorsements

"For strength training outside of the water, I have tried weights, kettle bells and TRX. X3 is a far superior exercise system to anything I have experienced over many years of competitive swimming and coaching. X3 challenges my muscles more effectively and efficiently resulting more strength and faster times in the water! Athletes that use X3 will have an advantage over those who don’t."

-Andrea Vuturo  Certified ASCA swim coach and open water swimmer


"Love this product! I've used it with everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors. It provides enough force/load to generate muscle mass & strength in a short amount of time. It works. There is no doubt about it." 

-Billy beck, world renowned human performance specialist


“The central nervous system does not know the difference between rubber, a brick wall, or iron. X3 is the best way to lift heavy and be injury free.”

-Phil Hernon, Mr. USA 1995

X3 has given me an edge with more explosive strength and speed.” 

- Neli Martinez, Taekwondo/MMA Fighter


“I was shocked by the power of this thing, the bar is a fully functional Olympic bar, with 360 degree swivel, so grip is never compromised. Benching and squatting with this is even more comfortable than with weights, and I can go heavier.”

⁃Tait Reimers, Retired Navy SEAL